Best Disney Plus shows: what to watch when Disney Plus hits the UK this March

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disney has, for decades now, been one of the biggest companies in the world, in terms of both reach and financials. in short, disney grew out of just being the company that made all those animated movies you loved to watch when you were growing up and has, over the years, acquired more and more other big companies to create one big super-power of a corporation, owning the likes of 20th century fox, lucasfilm, marvel, pixar, dreamworks, and many more.

It makes sense then, that the next logical step for a behemoth company like Disney would be to get into the online streaming business and take on competitors like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Hulu Plus. There’s big money to be had in online streaming subscriptions and Disney can offer a huge amount of movies, TV shows and cartoons to make it worthwhile. But out of the sea of content that you’ll get with a (which is what the company is calling its streaming service), there is also a whole batch of brand new content to sink your teeth into.

优盈票app好的in this very article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best shows to check out when the service finally launches in the uk on march 24th. from brand new shows to some old classics, here’s the best of disney plus, at least in our opinion.

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The Mandalorian

优盈票app好的this show is the reason many people out there have even heard of disney plus in the first place. a fully-fledged, big-budget television show set in the star wars universe has been on the cards for decades but finally found itself realised in the mandalorian, a show starring pedro pascal as the title character and featuring the likes of amy sedaris, carl weathers, werner herzog and more. that’s all without mentioning the fact that the show centres around a character affectionately dubbed ‘baby yoda’ by the internet. 

the budget and production values of the show shine through in the look of the whole show and the story follows the titular mandalorian - a bounty hunter tasked with retrieving a certain asset for money until things take a few turns and suddenly, the mandalorian himself has some bigger decisions to make. it’s a gritty, slick show that takes cues from old samurai movies and westerns in equal measure. it’s a real treat and almost worth the disney plus subscription alone.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum

as the title would suggest, this show brings you the infamously charming and, at times, baffling jeff goldblum explains the world, one topic at a time. each episode features its own theme - among them, things like ice cream, sneakers, etc - and you can sit back and let the one and only goldblum take you through the topic. he’ll cover everything he knows about each episode’s focus in all the very-jeff-goldblum glory you could hope for. 

优盈票app好的it’s not exactly an educational show and at times, it’s more like freeform jazz than cohesive information but it is undoubtedly charming, addictive and a whole lot of fun. bits of trivia, science and chunks of general ‘how this works’ style information are all gathered together and delivered to the viewer, and goldblum even claims that he does no extra research for these episodes, he just simply passes on what he knows.

X-Men: The Animated Series

this one will be familiar to anyone who grew up in the 90s and will be mildly baffling to anyone born in the 2000s. the original animated series of x-men ran from 1992 until 1997 and was one of the earliest examples of marvel comics making their way onto tv screens in a big way. 

the show serialised a huge number of the storylines that had existed in x-men comics for decades and brought them to life, featuring all the familiar x-men characters you’d expect, including wolverine (in his old school yellow and blue outfit), cyclops, gambit, magneto and many more. whether you want to relive the entire show’s run or you’re watching for the first time, the entire show is available here.

Apollo: Missions to the Moon

national geographic’s documentary apollo: missions to the moon recounts - as you may have put together already - nasa’s historic apollo missions, including uninterrupted footage of the original moon landings as well as everything that happened in order to make those missions successful in the first place.

优盈票app好的it’s a wonderful documentary series, delivered earnestly and with as much information and factual background to satiate the hunger of any history hound out there.


优盈票app好的here’s one that’ll send any child of the 80s into a massive nostalgia spin - the original run of the ducktales tv show. even if you weren’t around to see the show originally, you’ll almost definitely have heard its earworm of a theme song at some point - and likely unable to get it out of your head in the years since.

the adventures of scrooge mcduck and his nephews huey, dewey and louie was recently rebooted in a brand new 2017 version, which stars david tennant and lin-manuel miranda among others. both the original 80s run and its brand new ongoing series are available in their entirety on disney plus.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

with its final season being released in 2020, there’s arguably never been a better time to check out the entire run of star wars: the clone wars, an animated series set after the prequel trilogy but before the original trilogy. 

优盈票app好的it’s action-packed, it’s officially canonical with the larger star wars universe and it even features darth maul who somehow isn’t dead and now has some fancy robot legs. what’s not to love.

Gravity Falls


you’d be forgiven for not being immediately familiar with the cult classic that is gravity falls. an oddball show set in an oregon town named, well, gravity falls. it’s part steven universe and part twin peaks, delivering a unique story featuring a whole host of paranormal creatures, events and locales. 

it’s a series that has a diehard set of fans and, despite only lasting two seasons, has found an increasing amount of fans with each year that goes by. now, you can see what the fuss is about and binge-watch the entire show, thanks to disney plus.

The Imagineering Story

for the big-time disney lovers out there, we have the imagineering story - a six-hour documentary series that covers the history of disney as a company as well as an in-depth look at the history of disneyland, disneyworld and its many rides and attractions.

优盈票app好的if you’ve ever had a fascination with disneyland or wanted to know how some of your favourite theme park attractions are brought to life, this is the series you need to check out.


since the early days of the company, pixar’s series of short films has been one of the most exciting things about going to see a brand new pixar movie in the cinema. a bonus little film, sometimes telling a side story to an established pixar franchise in front of the film you wanted to see? what’s not to love?

优盈票app好的sparkshorts is a disneyplus exclusive series of pixar short films and experimental movies from new filmmakers, available to watch on-demand whenever you like. with the pedigree of pixar behind it, it’s bound to be something special.

The Simpsons

优盈票app好的the one show that needs no introduction whatsoever. now that fox is owned by disney, viewers have access to the entire run of the simpsons - that’s thirty seasons of episodes at the time of writing - from 1989 until today via disney plus.

优盈票app好的that is quite possibly far too much television but at the very least, you’ll find yourself hard-pressed to run out of simpsons to watch any time soon.

Those are our top picks for the to watch, whether you’re signing up straight away or making the most of your free trial period. If you think we’ve missed anything off this list, feel free to let us and everyone else know in the comments.