breast cancer

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  • Breast cancer
    • Triggers
      • age
      • family history
      • breast density
      • exposure to oestrogen
      • overweight
      • tall
      • alcohol
      • radiation
      • hormone replacement therapy
    • Symptoms
      • lump or thick tissue on breast
      • change in size or shape
      • lump or swelling in arm pit
      • dimpling on breast
      • rash on/around ******
      • discharge from ******
      • change in ****** appearance
      • pain in breast or arm pit
    • Treatment
      • decided
        • stage and grade of cancer
        • general health
        • menopause
      • Surgery
        • lumpectomy
          • lump removal
        • mastectomy
          • breast removal
      • radiotherapy
      • chemo
      • hormone
        • lowers levels of hormones to stop effects
        • depends on
          • stage and grade of cancer
          • hormone sensitivity
          • age
          • menopause
          • other treatments used
        • Used after chemo and surgery
        • 5 years
      • biological


Sam Morran


优盈票app好的a nice mind map with the essential details - i like the terminology that has been included.



looks good, also under surgery you could include the removal of ovaries if it is a woman of pre-menopausal age with breast cancer. in radiotherapy don't forget to mention that this will only be effective if the cancer hasn't spread. you could also include drugs that block the action of oestrogen on certain receptors as a treatment. new research indicates that targeting the 'lmtk3' receptor may also be helpful in controlling breast cancer. :) overall a nice summary. - although that last part is certainly above and beyond a-levels.

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